St. Louis, Missouri, Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

If you are a Tenant, we charge a $135 fee for phone consultations. We accept credit cards over the phone.

If you have ever had to evict a tenant, you know it can be a lengthy and costly experience — lost rental fees, plus the additional cost for an attorney to file the paperwork, and represent you in court take a huge bite out of your income. Similarly, a tenant's dispute over, for example, a leaky ceiling, can sometimes escalate without third-party negotiation.

St. Charles Lease Agreement Attorney

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, attorney Jim Simeri, represents landlords in any matter they may need. Whether it is drafting or reviewing a new lease, or reaching an agreement with a tenant, we handle your case quickly and comprehensively and cost-effectively.

We guide our clients in their businesses, apprising them of the most effective ways to avoid litigation — either though having to sue a tenant, or from having a tenant sue them. In our experience, the best way to avoid a problem is to prevent it from becoming one.

Clayton Eviction Lawyer

Our preferred response to landlord-tenant disputes is by crafting a mutual resolution. When this is not possible, we have the litigation skills to protect you and your investments.

Straightforward, and no-nonsense, Jim Simeri is an exceptional attorney, respected by both judges and his peers. A former U.S. Navy officer, Mr. Simeri represents his clients in the same way he represented our country — with passion and commitment.

If you are having a landlord-tenant dispute, need a lease drawn, or an eviction filed, contact Jim Simeri, for your initial consultation.