St. Louis Wrongful Termination Lawyer

It doesn't matter. You do not have to tolerate a hostile work environment. Maybe you have been ridiculed about being in a wheelchair, and have reported it only to find you "were no longer needed".

Or perhaps you refused to give up your Islamic prayer time, and were told "your job has been eliminated." The Federal government protects you from discrimination, and from recrimination. You cannot be terminated because you reported illegal behavior.

Jefferson County Workplace Retaliation Attorney

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, lawyer Jim Simeri, has been protecting harassed and discriminated employees for over a decade. A former U.S. Navy officer, Mr. Simeri protects his clients as passionately as he protected our country. Mr. Simeri takes our federal and state laws very seriously — he fights for the rights conferred by our government.

If you exercised those rights, and you have been retaliated against — such as being demoted, or given less responsibility or less pay — or if you have had your job terminated as a result of reporting illegal behavior, contact Jim Simeri, as soon as possible to preserve your rights.

St. Charles And Clayton Discrimination And Harassment Lawyer

Mr. Simeri will help you file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and will pursue a claim against your employer. Successful cases can result in back pay, punitive damages and re-instatement to your job.

Don't let your rights be violated. If you have been terminated, or you are unsure if you have been retaliated against, contact Jim Simeri. An experience, exceptional attorney, he will examine your case for all possible claims. Call today!