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You've found the perfect job, something that satisfies you and gives you the opportunity to shine. Utilizing all your skill sets, you feel productive and challenged. Your boss thinks you are great, the pay is terrific and the commute couldn't be better. All is right with the world. Then, much to your surprise, you are served with a cease and desist order.

Clayton Non-Disclosure Agreements Attorney

It is very common these days to sign a non-compete, non-disclosure or other restrictive contract when you begin a new job. Companies work hard to create what they consider proprietary products and trade secrets, as well as a strong and devoted customer base.

Being asked to keep the "company secrets" is not unreasonable in and of itself. If, however, your employment contract is overly broad, or creates undue burden, a court may consider the restrictions beyond the scope of that an employer may request.

Generally speaking, if the contract is for a reasonable time period (2 years or under), and a reasonable space (within 50 miles of the company), the courts will uphold the agreement. There is, however, another factor the company must show before the court will definitely give its blessing.

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In addition to the rules of time and space, the company must show that the contract protects a "legitimate business interest." Confidential information or trade secrets (think the formula for Coca-Cola) are considered legitimate business interests. A blanket prohibition from working anywhere in your industry, however, is not.

Courts also examine the contract to make sure that it is beneficial to the employee as well. By their very nature, contracts must be advantageous to both parties, meaning that each party gets something out of the deal. While a job can be seen as the benefit to the employee, courts also recognize that an agreement that effectively precludes employment in their chosen field is a detriment, and take that into consideration when examining these contracts.

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