St. Louis, Missouri, Consumer Class-Action Lawyer

We wish it didn't happen, our sensibilities as good citizens and consumers find it hard to believe that it happens, but one look at any major newspaper and you can see the ads, "Are you part of the settlement class in this Class Action?"

Clayton Class-Action Lawyer

A class action occurs when a company takes money it is not authorized to take or fails to provide services it promised. It is usually such a small amount of money, or the equivalent thereof, that consumers really can't get relief because the cost of hiring an attorney is more than the amount owed them.

Sadly, companies know this. And they often will continue a practice, even though it is illegal, until they are forced to stop.

Jefferson County Consumer-Rights Attorney

Attorney Jim Simeri, located in St. Louis, Missouri, provides consumers the relief they deserve from unfair business practices. Have you had a company bill you time and again for a small amount — say a "user fee" — that you did not authorize, but that you cannot get them to refund?

Incidents like this don't just happen to you. In all likelihood, the company is doing it to all its customers. If the company is a large corporation, that can be a significant amount of money it is bilking from its customers.

That is where a class-action suit comes in, meaning that every individual who has been the victim of such theft is entitled to compensation.

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Friends

If you, or someone you know, has had an experience like this, contact Jim Simeri, for an initial consultation.