St. Louis, Missouri, Employment Lawyer

When you need an attorney, you want one who takes cares of you — not just from a legal standpoint, but someone who can offer you salient advice on your case, and the effects it can have on your life.

Whether you have been injured in an accident, or you have been the victim of workplace discrimination such as sexual harassment, attorney Jim Simeri, located in Clayton, Missouri, has the skills and knowledge to comprehensively and aggressively represent you.

Clayton Personal Injury Attorney, Serving The St. Louis Area

For over 10 years, Mr. Simeri has been assiduously representing people just like you — people who have suffered discrimination due to race or age, people who have been wrongly terminated for trying to protect their rights against discrimination.

In addition, Mr. Simeri is greatly experienced in working with individuals who have had employment issues due to overly burdensome "non-compete" agreements.

St. Louis Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

Besides personal injury and employment matters, Mr. Simeri is skilled in negotiations that make him a natural in landlord-tenant disputes. Whether you are a landlord who needs help with a lease or eviction, or whether you are a tenant who needs some legal advice, Mr. Simeri can address your legal concerns.

Fair Debt Collection Attorney

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing the law when it comes to consumer rights and fair debt collection. Mr. Simeri is able to guide you in these areas so you can get the just treatment you deserve, under the laws created to protect you in these areas.

Honest and no-nonsense, Mr. Simeri gets results. Call him today for an initial consultation on your legal matter.